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Brought Back from World War II  
In Honor of the 1st Marine Division.
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Historically Correct; Authorized by the 1st Marine Division Association;  
A Portion of the Proceeds from Each Goes to the Association.  
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This 1942 Model Was The First Fighting Knife Specifically  
Designed for Marines, by a Marine!  
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What better symbol of your service as a U.S. Marine than a battleworthy – yet deluxe finished – version of the first military knife designed specifically for Marines and by a Marine!  
Military Knives are symbolic of the owner’s willingness to fight up close – eyeball-to-eyeball—with the enemy. This fighting knife was designed, with close combat in mind, by Lt. Col. Clifford H. Shuey, who formed the then-new Engineer Division at H.Q. U.S. Marine Corps. The year was 1942.  
The knife was inspired by and based on the most-famous Allied fighting knife of World War II – the early version of the Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife of the Royal Marine Commandos; this knife was also called the British Commando Knife.  
But with its updated design and short-run production for U.S. Marines, it was issued to Scouts of the 1st Marine Division and was known among them as the Marine Corps Stiletto. The concept of the knife and the specialized fighting techniques for its use were first identified and taught to the U.S. Marine Raiders; a training cadre of them had been sent to the U.K. to train with the Commandos. The knife instantly captured the respect and admiration of the Raiders, and they called it the U.S. Marine Raider Stiletto.  
At the same time, it was known to be issued to Scouts of the 1stMarDiv. As part of the web and woof of the 1st Marine Division’s combat armory, it was particularly useful at silently dispatching an enemy sentry at night.  
Now, the 1st Marine Division Association has revived this old warrior in a Museum-Quality Limited Edition – the 1st Marine Division Marine Corps Stiletto. Wartime Stilettos are a great rarity and regularly bring $2,000 -- $2,500, even if in just fair condition (a remarkably good one sold on the Internet in May of 2018 – for $4,000).  
So, this is a chance to own one in original condition for less than 1/7th the price of a very good wartime original.  
Each is a beautiful specimen – so special it is worthy of becoming a family heirloom. But not just beautiful, it is a custom-built military fighting knife, worthy of protecting your home, family, or yourself.  
* Casting the hilt in place on the tang of each Stiletto requires nearly a half-pound of fine Pewter, which has been used in knife making for centuries. It will not crack or flake off, as the wartime Stilettos are known to do – those hilts were cast of a then-experimental, wartime, Zinc-Aluminum alloy, which failed over time.  
* This is the first time in history that this-style blade has ever been made of Stainless Steel, for long-term quality and beauty. For increased strength, the blades are thicker and are forged – then hardened, tempered, hand-ground, sharpened and mirror polished in Sheffield England, by a wartime supplier. They are both Battle-Worthy and Presentation Grade..  
* The Special Edition 1st Marine Division identificaion  
inscription, with the Division’s symbol, is custom  
etched across the blade.  
* Custom etched on the blade reverse are the trademark of H.G. Long & Co. of Sheffield England (established in 1847) and the Limited Edition Serial Number. Overall length: 12”.  
* A Certificate of Authenticity, numbered to match your Limited Edition 1st Division Stiletto, is included.  
* Two different Hilt Finishes – two different Limited Editions.  
World War II Finish
High-Polished Finish
* The World War II Finish,  
Limited Edition of 500. Serially numbered. Price: $249.  
* The High-Polished Edition. 
Limited to 100. Serially numbered. Price: $279  
Optional Display Case: $64 ($59 + $5 additional Shipping). 
American Dark Oak, with locking glass lid and wall mounts, for proud display in your home, office or War Room; 6” x 16” x 2”. The liner is draped in Marine Corps Scarlet, to secure and protect your Marine Raider Stiletto. 
* Allow six to eight weeks for delivery. 
*Shipping: UPS (at cost); please add: 
UPS within CONUS/48 -- $15. APO if deployed/in theater -- $10. Outside CONUS/48, by Post Office -- $50. 
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