The U.S. Marine Raiders’ commando/jungle warfare called for a quiet, deadly weapon to help them strike when their missions required silence, or if enemy forces suddenly overran your position, or your weapon jammed, or all your ammo was spent. 
The Raiders needed a specially designed fighting knife to round out their enhanced repertoire of weapons.  
Enter the U.S. Marine Raider Stiletto. This was the first fighting knife designed especially for Marines, by a Marine.  
So distinctive to the Marine Raiders, their famous Marine Raider Stiletto is today the centerpiece of their respected Marine Special Operations Command Symbol (see photo, above).  
Now, nearly 80 years after the original issuance of this fighting knife, the Raiders’ Commanding Officer, in 2019, called for and specified a special version of the Raider Stiletto to be commissioned of battleworthy quality, but combined with the beauty and distinctiveness of a Presentation-Grade Trophy Piece. We made this, and he presented Serial No. 001 to the Commandant, at which time it rightfully earned the title the Official Presentation Marine Raider Stiletto.  
Wartime Raider Stilettos are quite rare. For instance, 50 times more of the U.S. Army’s M3 Trench Knives were made. Exacerbating this rarity, the Raider Stiletto hilt was cast of an experimental alloy that, in most cases over time, cracked and crumbled; then they got put aside and finally lost to time. (Note: I received from General Shuey the original 1942 Raider Stiletto prototype; the hilt had crumbled, and it ended up in his fishing tackle box!) Only a relative few really good ones exist today, and, if ever  
available, they bring multiple thousands  
of dollars. 
This special Marine Raider Presentation-Grade Stiletto is now being made available privately to World War II and present-day Marine Raiders, to Marine Raider “insiders”, including Marine Raider Association Members and family and friends of the Raider Community. 
Fundraiser: In conjunction with your order, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Marine Raider Association, to advance its worthy causes. 
This is a limited edition of 400 Stilettos. However, the Marine Raider Special Operations Command has reserved 50 Stilettos for their Official Presentations, including Serial No. 001, which they have presented to the Commandant. So only 350 beyond those are available. 
Each is guaranteed to be a beautiful Presentation-Grade, yet Battle-Worthy specimen. So, satisfaction is guaranteed, or return in 60 days for a full refund, including shipping charges both ways. As it is said, “No risk to order.” Place your reservation with a deposit of only $49, or make full payment of $249. 
1.) Serial No. 001: Presented, in 2019, by the Marine Raider Commanding Officer to the Commandant of the Marine Corps. 
2.) Edition Limit: Limited to a total of only 400, each serially numbered, with 50 allocated to Raider HQ for their official presentations, so, beyond these, only 350 available. 
3.) The Blade: 
     • Made in Sheffield, England, famous for fine-quality knife making for centuries. 
     • Custom made of Sheffield Stainless Steel; hardened (to Rc57) and tempered, sharpened, and      beautifully mirror polished; strong and battleworthy.  
      • Museum quality, yet combat ready to defend your nation, family, or home. 
4.) Etchings: Included (from left to right): as specified in 2019 by Marine Raiders’ Commanding Officer:  
     • Marine ‘Special Ops’ “Spearhead” symbol.  
     • Regiment Name: Marine Raiders. 
     • Regimental Motto: “Spiritus Invictus” (Invincible Spirit). 
     • The Raiders’ “Death’s Head” patch. 
5.) On reverse, etched name and trademark of maker, H.G. Long & Co., established in 1847, and its dual nationality of England and the U.S.A., as well as its Limited-Edition Serial Number. 
      • The Hilt is solid Pewter, cast integral on to the blade tang: one piece including crossguard, so permanent mount and no rattle. Finely detailed empaneled checkered grip with lateral gripping grooves. Hilt Finish: Looks identical to World War II specimens. 
      • Provides good heft and feels aggressive; the quick handling of a proper military fighting knife. Balances hilt-heavy so falls into your hand, not out of it.  
Maker: H.G. Long & Co., established, 1847, Sheffield, England, and 1984, Richmond, Va., U.S.A. 
Certificate: Confirms Serial No.; Edition Limit; Official Presentation to the Commandant; authorization of the Marine Raider Association; and issuance by H.G. Long & Co. and Historical Associates. 
Payment: Reserve with a deposit of only $49--or payment in full of $249, plus shipping. 

Guarantee: Satisfaction Guaranteed or return in 60 days for a full refund, including shipping, both ways, so no risk. 

Optional Display Case: $64 ($59 + $5 additional Shipping). 
American Dark Oak, with locking glass lid and wall mounts, for proud display in your home, office or War Room; 6” x 16” x 2”. The liner is draped in Marine Corps Scarlet, to secure and protect your Marine Raider Stiletto. 
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UPS within CONUS/48 -- $15. APO if deployed/in theater -- $10. Outside CONUS/48, by Post Office -- $50. 
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