Over the millennia of mankind, the time-honored military tradition of creating military weapons especially embellished to honor important victories and their victors continues here and now. Someone needs to do this, and it looks like it falls to you and us. 
To mark the pinnacle in military history, World War II Victory, in this its 75th Anniversary Year, we have selected the most famous military fighting knife of all time, the Fairbairn-Sykes. It earned its enviable reputation in all Theaters of Operations and in the hands of various military forces (especially elite forces) of most of the Allied Nations. 
World War II changed the world forever. If you or a member of your family served, this will be an important family heirloom, internationally recognized as a fitting and appropriate symbol of the World’s Greatest Military Victory. 
The F-S served with our O.S.S., U.S. Army Rangers, Merrill’s Marauders, U.S. Airborne, and many were privately purchased by our troops training in the U.K. prior to the Invasion; and our U.S. Marine Raiders had their Marine Raider Stilettos which were based directly on the F-S. 
In the hands of the British, it saw action with the S.A.S., S.O.E., MI-6 (James Bond), S.B.S., Airbourne and with many of the elite force and clandestine units in most of the Commonwealth Nations. They were even parachuted, in drop containers, to the French Underground/Maquis/Resistance. 
The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, originally issued in 1940 to the British Commandos, is considered the most famous and highly revered knife of its type in world history. 
This is why we selected it to honor the Biggest Victory in World Military History, World War II Victory, in this, its 75th Anniversary Year. 
This is a limited edition of only 275 knives in honor of the 75th. Chances are good that you are a descendant or a relative of a Veteran who served. So, this will be a symbol of you and your interest in and respect for them and for military history, and this will be tangential to your family history. 
If you are already a collector of Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knives, you appreciate the beauty and rarity of the special F-S we bring to you today. As many of us believe, “You can never own too many F-S Fighting  
Knives!” If you don't own one, now is the opportunity to add one with American historical significance to your collection. 
The graceful lines of the vase-shaped grip complement the mechanical beauty of its lathe-turned, checkered (or as the Brits spell it, “chequered”) grip. You will notice the unusual (and rare) “button” pommel, – one of my favorite variants -- which style was made by Wilkinson in relatively small numbers in 1942. Its’ sharp, double-edged, dagger-shaped blade gradually tapers to concentrate its power at the point. The smooth, non-snagging, oval crossguard outlines the path of a planet as it orbits out and back. The tapering, acorn-shaped topnut tightly tensions together all the components as if they constitute but a single piece. 
As much of this Victory was an Anglo-American effort, so is this F-S Fighting Knife. The components are custom made and machined in Sheffield, England, to the highest standards. Then, here in the U.S., we further improve the finishes to Historical Associates/H. G. Long Presentation Grade, with more polishing, followed by firearms- quality nickel plating and hand fitting. Indeed, it is a masterpiece of machined and finely fitted parts – beautiful to the eye; strong and powerful in the hand -- and with the manly heft of a deadly weapon. 
This is an elegant piece, but it is also a battle proven and powerful weapon. For lasting beauty, value, and strength, the blade is the finest British mirror-polished Sheffield Steel. To verify its strength, we deliberately mis-used one as a chisel, pounding it with a hammer, piercing a quarter, twice, side by side, thusly cutting it in half, with no damage to the blade. 
he blade is etched with the headline from newspapers across America in August, 1945: “VICTORY!", along with the years of U.S. fighting and final Victory. The etching continues on the blade reverse with the H. G. Long trademark, with some design elements tracing back to its founding in Sheffield in 1847. Below that is etched the Limited Edition Serial No., which matches that on the Certificate of Authenticity. 
Thanks to its hilt-heavy balance, the checkered grip falls into the hand and not out of it – as favored by Lieutenant Colonel William E. Fairbairn and Major Eric A. Sykes of the British Commandos and the S.O.E. (Special Operations Executive – “Special Ops”). The crossguard, grip and topnut are also impervious to wear, aging, and rust, thanks to the Firearms-Grade, high-polished, Nickel Plating. 
If you or a member of your family served in World War II, this is a family heirloom, immediately and internationally recognized as a fitting symbol of this great military victory. 
This is a strictly limited “run” of only 275 knives, with Serial Numbers between 001 and 275. The edition limit is symbolic: The “2” denotes the 2 Allied nations involved with this Anglo-American project, and the “75” marks this as the 75th Anniversary. 
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Hilt polished and plated with genuine Nickel Plating, to Firearms-Grade quality. Limited Edition of 275. Serially numbered.

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American Dark Oak, with locking glass lid and wall mounts, for proud display in your home, office or War Room; 6” x 16” x 2”. The liner is draped in Marine Corps Scarlet, to secure and protect your Marine Raider Stiletto. 
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